a bookmark of my intrests

this website is dedicated to the life and times of nevada.

welcome to the website

so if you dont know my name is peyton (nevada) and i live in the united states my intrests are cool music like kanyeezy west!(anti semite https://open.spotify.com/artist/5K4W6rqBFWDnAN6FQUkS6x) windowshopping(nobody knows who that is https://open.spotify.com/artist/0y0oVfboNhPRm14rOzNann) asap rocky (going to jail https://open.spotify.com/artist/13ubrt8QOOCPljQ2FL1Kca) and lil b (maybe a pedophile and slightly racsist and only makes a good song every 2 years https://open.spotify.com/artist/4bbjivSh1oG4NOc7uYHfw5) i really take intrest into obscure maybe insane web rants and web 1.0 stuff i also think early 2000s media and technology is realy cool! i spend most my time spending time with freinds playing some gmod and 2k and then investigating or partaking in what ever is sparking my intrest online

this website is inspired by the early 2000s internet i first created it to be a joke with my freinds but i turned in a place that bookmarks some rabbit holes and what i think is cool you can check out the links if you want ig

i tend to update the website daily with links to stuff so come back everynow and then ig

hey kids

the most known youtube rabbit hole

very fun to research some of these

looking at these is fun

doe network (warning may show images of dead bodies or ai generated stuff which can be disturbing)

the creator of vapor wave

the web 1.0 copypasta

anything you could possibly think about is written on this website

this isnt a link but you can always just type in alphabetic and numeric string of text and look it up sometimes you can find cool stuff

cwc/sonichu (most people should know about this)

feral children


crazy to look at

super basic but cool ig

basic kinda popular youtube arg

for this one you should use tor and go to the hidden wiki and just find whatever you want

another not link but putting random links in the wayback machines and going waaaaaaaaaaaaayback is also fun


classic celebrity gets replaced with younger look alike story

Breakcore:A genre of music that is completley centerd around a sped up version of the Amen Break similar to DnB or Break beat (this is also my second favroite genre its pretty simple so there tons of it)

one of the less off putting on the list never dissapoints

1/1/1970 or 12/31/1969 is the unix epoch which is kinda like the start of time on computers (a video it would explain it better)

A lot of people know about this it was a big thing kind of like the oppisite of 1/1/1970 or 12/31/1969

the bjork stalker